Luxury cape town villa

Reservations for Azure, luxury cape town villa

  Azure Daily Rand Rates - 2018 - 2019
  1 Aug to 31 Oct 2018 (7 nights) R8,300
  1 Nov to 30 Nov 2018 (7 nights) R9,000
  1 Dec to 10 Dec 2018 (7 nights) R13,500
  11 Dec to 10 Jan 2019 (14 night booking) R18,600
  11 Jan to 31 Jan 2019 R13,500
  1 Feb to 28 Feb 2019 (7 nights) R12,000
  1 March to 30 April 2019 (min 7 nights) R13,500

Not less than 7 days booking - unless agreed
Daily rates for the entire establishment
No children from 1 to 6 years - unless agreed
11 Dec to 10 Jan 2019 14 day booking -unless agreed



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luxury cape town villa

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